Drivers Name: Brett Matzdorf

Home Town: Grand Rapids, Minnesota

Car#: 3

Chassis Type: Fegers

Engine Builder: None

Crew Members: Roxanne, Dad, (Doc) Jerry Larson, Kevin Nix, Jason Garner, Brandon, Mitchell

Driver Website: N/A

Sponsors: Grands Rapids GM, Ranger GM, Ford Of Hibbing, Rapids Auto Wash, Auto Electric, Fastlane Motorsports,

Airways Aviation Center, Jason Garner Motorsports, Lou Fegers Racing, Dad

Favorite Racing Memory: The Fans, & Winning Races

Drivers Name: Don Smith

Home Town: Cohasset, Minnesota

Car#: 86

Chassis Type: Mellenium

Engine Builder: Tim’s Automotive

Crew Members: Jake Smith, Tony Smith, Christina Smith

Driver Website: N/A

Sponsors: Bass Brook Recycling

Favorite Racing Memory: ALL OF THEM

Drivers Name: Andy LaBarge

Home Town: Keewatin, Minnesota

Car#: 79A

Chassis Type: TRC

Engine Builder: Tim’s Automotive

Crew Members: Chuck (Dad), Cameron, Mikayla

Driver Website:

Sponsors: LaBarge Wreaths, Deane Morrow Trucking, WRW Equipment Rental, Brickyard Bar & Grill, TRC Racecars, Tim’s Automotive

Favorite Racing Memory: