Racecievers Are Mandatory Channel 1419: It is in your best interest to have one.

All Drivers Must Go To The Draw Window & Draw For Heat Race Starting Position. Draw Cut Off Is 6:15. The Speedway Will Accept A Call In Draw But Only If You Call The Speedway Not Have A Fellow Racer Ask The Draw Window To Draw For You. If There Is A Call In For A Draw And The Driver Does Not Show That Driver Will NOT Be Able To Call In For A Draw For The Remainder Of The Season.

If For Some Reason You Miss The Draw Cut Off And Did Not Call In A Draw. You Will Be Positioned At The Rear Of One Of Your Division Heat Races.

All Drivers MUST ATTEND The Weekly Drivers Meeting By The Draw Window At 6:15. Race Program And Order Of Events Will Be Discussed Here.

NO SPEEDING IN THE PITS: Association Board Members WILL Be Watching For Speeding. This Violation Could Result In A Fine And/Or A Suspension.

No Hot Laps After Race Event Has Started.

Staging Area And Entrance To The Race Track Is By Turn 4 And You Exit The Track Off The Back Stretch To Turn 3. Scales Are Located As You Are Heading Back To The Pits From The Track Off Turn 3. When You Enter The Staging Area You Should Stay As Far To The Right As Possible, This Will Leave The Far Left Side Open For Emergency Vehicles Or Speedway Vehicles To Be Able To Get Onto The Track If Needed. Try And Line Up As Close To Your Starting Position As Possible In The Staging Area.

The Flagman Will Start ALL Races, No Cone, No Line. Stay Nose To Tail, When You See The Green Flag Or Green Light You Are Racing. Leaders Must Maintain A Reasonable Pace Until The Flagman Starts The Race. Pay Attention To The Lights, If The Lights Are Out You Will Be Getting The Green Flag. You Will Also Get Conformation On Your Raceceiver. If There Is any Jumping The Start You Will Be Docked 2 Positions For Each Car You Jump At The Next Caution Or at The End Of The Race.

When A Yellow Flag Comes Out Get Single File. Stay Single File Until Directed Over Your Raceceiver. We Use The Delaware Format For Restarts. During Heats & Feature Races If You Cause 2 Cautions You Will Be Black Flagged & Asked To Exit To The Pits.

No Pit Crew Personnel Allowed On The Track. Track Officials Will Assist You The Best That They Can.

Contact With Another Car After A Red, Yellow, Or Checkered Flag Has Been Thrown WILL NOT Be Tolerated And May Result In Fine, Suspension, And Or A Disqualification (or ALL)– No Points & No Pay Is The Minimum Penalty.

Top 5 In All Wissota Classes Must Go To The Scales Behind Turn 3 After Each Heat Race & Each Feature.

Any & All Fighting In The Pits WILL NOT Be Tolerated. If You Or One Of Your Pit Crew Members Goes Into Another Drivers Pit Area & A Fight Ensues You Will Be The One Penalized. Drivers Are Responsible For Their Pit Crew Members & Fans.

Assault or Abuse Of Any Speedway Official WILL Result In A Fine and/or Suspension Of Driver. The Grand Rapids Speedway Board of Directors will review & Investigate each incident That Could Result In Suspension. Repeated Violations Of Any Track Rule Will Result In Suspension.