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What is an Endurance race to the Grand Rapids Speedway? It is a three segment race that equals a total of 100 laps. For example 30 - 30 - 40.  Drivers enter the race with a stock 2 wheel drive vehicle that will race to be the first person to complete 100 laps. Intentional rubbing and bumping is okay as long it is not in the drivers door or passengers door if there is a passenger! Yes you read that right! You are allowed a passenger to join in for the fun! Drivers are required to bring their ability to survive to the track. Endurance racing is a true test of will and might on a slippery clay track.  Cars are not removed from the track and become hazards on the track along with the large tires that are already there. This is not your normal racing! The only time the red flag is dropped is when something is too dangerous and has to be removed. Sound like something you would like to try? Does it sound like something you think you could win? Come join us! We are always looking for new participants! If you decide to join us make sure you read the rules so you are legal to race!